Generating Leads in 2023

Re-evaluating where to spend your hard earned money continues to be at the forefront of many small business owners as we head into 2023.

Important news regarding your business’s 2023 strategies to generate leads!

With the increasing cost of fuel, reduction of travel and tourism to your cities, ultimately results in fewer cars on the road, and potentially lost revenue for those owning their own towing service business. It’s been difficult for many small business owners to sustain their operations as we’ve entered into a global financial recession which impacts us all.

It wasn’t long ago that many people were severely impacted by Covid 19 and the many socio-economic challenges we faced. The pandemic created the loss of many jobs in the transportation industries specifically with travel and tourism coming to a complete stop across the globe. Fortunately we are a strong country, resilient, and determined to recoup our losses and continue in our efforts to rebuild our economy.

With the stabilization of increasing fuel costs, and the reduced fear of contracting Covid-19 or other viruses, has brought hope for the return of travel and tourism. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) reported this month that the travel and tourism industry’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) hit $8.35 trillion in 2022 and projected to hit $9.6 trillion in 2023, a return to its pre-pandemic level.

Travel and tourism brings many more visitors and local motorist out on the roads, driving to and across the United States, visiting friends and family! This increase also equates to more motorists being on the road, experiencing unexpected vehicle issues or at worst accidents rendering their vehicles disabled.

Perhaps it’s time to strategize and consider some best practices to attract new business, and generate new leads as we head into the New Year! At Tow Adz, we work with all sizes of towing and mobile mechanic companies like yours. We have packages to fit every business owner’s budget, never require a contract and have a very successful track record for getting your phones ringing.

For the brand new tow truck owner-operator with 1 or 2 tow trucks and have a “shoe-string” budget, Josh has three “Top Tips to Generate Leads” that will cost you virtually nothing or at best minimal out of pocket expense. These tips/strategies are being offered for free as our New Year’s gift to you! So here we go…

Tip #1: Get a Gmail email account by going to the Google Account sign in page and click “create an account. It’s quick, painless and best of all…. It’s free. Once you’ve created your account you’ll need to create a “Business Google Places Page”. This platform allows people to see and review your business. Once your Business Google Page is set up, the goal is to get as many views or “hits” as possible. The best way to drive viewers is to send anyone you’ve towed or discussed your services with a link via a text after you’ve towed or met with potential clients and discussed your services. The nicer you’ve been to your customers, the better the reviews they’ll provide. Getting numerous reviews will improve your ranking and remember the trick to high rankings is having good reviews! Good reviews equate to you having relevance and that sticks in people’s memories.

With smart phones being the number one means of finding services, especially on the road, you want to be at the top of search list for tow services when motorists ask their phones to “search for tow services near me”. With each voice activated search, Google finds your Business Google Page and displays your businesses contact information, along with your reviews. Many people searching for services make their selections based on positive reviews. So reviews matter! It’s not the old traditional “pay per click” Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It’s proven to get your phones ringing.

Tip #2: Establish an ad on Craig’s list. It’s very inexpensive, only $5.00 to post an ad in most cities, so Josh recommends 2 posts a week or three if within your budget and change them up a bit and see what responses you get. It’s worth the investment especially when faced with limited advertising dollars.

Tip #3: This tip is creative, and has been successful for many of Josh’s clients starting up their own business, and who are on a strict budget. Get onto Facebooks Marketplace if you have a truck or towing equipment for sell for viewers to see. Although you’re not allowed to post your services on FB Marketplace, posting a truck or other tow equipment more times than not, generates inquiries about your business, if you offer tow services and your prices.

It’s vital to know that customer service as well as competent skills, is what people remember most about their experiences, and who to call again if in need of future services. Great customer service is also the number one take away that gets shared through word of mouth referrals. So it pays to remember to be nice when speaking to clients on the phone, at the tow scene, and to all emergency responders if involved. Be sure to carry your business cards or stickers with your logo and contact information.

If you’re starting up your tow services business with a one or two men operation and very little money to spend, consider these inexpensive strategies to get you started. If you need any further assistance with your advertising needs, were here to help generate leads for you! Click on “Get Started” on this webpage today! Watch Josh’s brief video on these tips reviewed on his prior blog.

Best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2023 from the folks at Tow Adz!