How To Choose The Right Lead Generation Company For My Business

How to determine a few key factors when looking to partner with an online lead generation company.

When you work in a service-oriented business, capturing and converting new customers into paying customers can be a tricky game, especially when you’re a small business owner with little time and money to create cost-effective revenue streams while navigating the day-to-day marketing aspects that can help you generate new avenues of income.

The number one problem facing small business owners is that a majority don’t know where to start when it comes to building and managing effective online lead generation campaigns, and–even if they do–putting in the time to create and drive consumers to your service is not only very time consuming, but one that often falls by the wayside soon after it’s begun. From creating landing pages, to juggling the proper ad spend, determining a price-per-lead-to-conversion-ratio and managing things like keywords and targeted advertising, there’s no simple solution that will automate this process without some serious time spent juggling these variables to create the quality ROI you’re looking for. Below are some quick and determining factors to look for when choosing a small business service for online lead generation.

What To Look For In A Quality Lead Generation Product.

Determining budget and a service that fits your business needs is the most important decision you will need to consider. There are a ton of lead generation services out there that offer a suite of products and services, but at the end of the day, do they know the ins and outs of your business and, moreover, will they spend the time on your account to help you convert and send you the quality product they promised? Many of these companies are in the business of up-selling clients on services they don’t need and require you to spend time you don’t have in the first place. Here are some things to look out for when looking for a small business lead generation service that’s right for you:

Industry Specific: Choosing a service that caters to your business exclusively is paramount. Not only will they have a solid network of clients with the same common problems you face, they will have the industry experience with proven solutions that will help your campaign perform at its highest level and requires little guesswork or effort on your part thus saving you both time and money. Be wary of companies that offer lead generation for any business because the ones that do, won’t offer your small business the time and results you deserve.

Do You Have To Sign A Contract? Like the above, many companies want to pull you in and have you sign a contract because they aren’t industry specific to your needs. This allows them to get you on the books, lock you in, spend the time they are going to need to figure out–albeit poorly–your business and its products and basically find the quickest, most simplest way to get you from A to B with little to no effort. It’s very easy for companies that work in lead generation to set up campaigns, but managing and creating effective ROI is another story, and one promise most can’t deliver on. Ask direct questions like, “What type of clients do you serve?,” and, “How long have you long have you been working with this [specific] industry?”

Are You Required To Spend A Certain Amount Each Week Or Month? As a small business owner, everyone has their hand out looking to push the next “great thing” that will help grow your business. Problem is, many small business owners can’t afford these products and many companies don’t offer the wiggle room to generate the income they require to make you a profitable customer–often tacking on incidentals like set-up fees and campaign management adjustments to name a few. Many times, the company selling these products will ask you to spend a certain amount to cover the costs associated with this quagmire, and as the old saying goes… you get what you pay for. Again, finding a company that is industry specific to your needs can help you waive costs like this simply because the product you’re paying for already has these variables baked in helping circumvent these ticky-tack charges.

Do They Offer Call Reporting And Analytics That Show How Your Campaign Is Performing: The last and final piece with choosing the right lead generation product for your business is that the company you’re working with provides services like call and analytics reporting to help you see how your campaigns are running, which in turn will help you fine-tune and make the right decisions in growing your ROI. Once you’re able to see the data, you’ll be able to talk to your service provider and follow up with more insightful questions, while determining what’s most important like the time of day your campaign is performing to its maximum potential and what keywords are generating your highest conversion for your lowest spend.